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Video games are similar to years in that they start, don’t stop coming, and don’t stop arriving, and so much with the variety of genres and sequels.
Then there’s the games industry’s dynamic release calendar, typified by a continuous march of delays and cancellations. For a passionate gamer, it is hard to stay updated with new Releases sometimes. So here is something out for those gamers.

Riders Republic Platform

Riders Republic Platform

Launched for PlayStation 5 on October 28, 2021. Enter the vast multiplayer playground of Riders Republic! Meet and battle with other players while riding hard in various exciting hobbies such as bike, ski, snowboarder, wingsuit, and rocket wingsuit. Play out the rider’s fantasy as you wander free in a vast, lively open world teeming with other people.

First Class Trouble

Launched for PS4 and PS5, it is a social community. The game’s premises require the players to collaborate with other online players to win the race of escaping a disaster that occurs in the game arena. The goal provided to the players is ultimately disarming the Fatal A. I in the game. What makes the game all more interesting is the feature where gamers may be imposters with the hidden identity of killer robots to create deception among other players.

Halo Infinite

Is single -person shooting game published b Xbox games Studios. It is the sixth installment in Halo Series, Following the Master Chief’s post from 2015. Unlike previous iterations in the series, the communal component of the game will be available for free. Infinite was supposed it will now be released on December 8, 2021.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp

Is an upgraded version of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s Ultimate Talent Development Plan, published as part of the Danganronpa 10th Anniversary celebration. The game will be released on November 4November 4, 2021, in Japan and Taiwan, and on December 3December 3, 2021, in North America and Europe. Available only on Nintendo. The videogame is an RPG board game using Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc characters.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

The eighth generation of the Pokémon’s Game Franchise. Game is an adventure-centric, role play game released for Nintendo Switch in 2022. Arceus, the mythological Pokémon, will play an essential part in the plot.

The Witch Queen

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Is an upcoming game with a significant expansion for Bungie’s Destiny 2, a shooter game itself. Scheduled to release in late 2021 as the sixth expansion of Destiny 2 got affected due to Covid, it’s to be released on February 22February 22 next year. In the game, in the Ascendant realm, a new area, supposedly Savathun’s Throne World, is to be revealed by the Witch Queen. A new raid related to Throne Global will be added in addition to world activities. Throughout the expansion, two new dungeons will be added.
Thus, the games listed above are some, which can be highly anticipated in the coming future, from Shooting games to Extended series of Franchise. And a source of excitement for all the gamers out there.

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